The hottest waterborne automotive coatings will ha

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Water based automotive coatings will have a lot of room for development

water based automotive coatings will have a lot of room for development

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the development of water-based automotive primer is one of the most successful examples in the coating industry in the 1990s. At present, more than 80 automobile assembly plants in the world use water-based paint systems, including 21 in Germany, 22 in the United States, 7 in the United Kingdom, 5 in Mexico and 1 in Brazil. The three largest suppliers of waterborne automotive coatings in the world are: DuPont

coating companies, accounting for 46% of the market share; BASF has 28% market share; PPG's engine operation caused the friction between connecting rod bearing and crankshaft, accounting for 24% of the market share

others account for 2% of the market share. The secondary slurry for primer (applied to electrophoretic coating) can be powder coating, high solid

coating or water-based coating. There is no solvent emission in powder coating, but if its film is to achieve a smoothness comparable to that of liquid coating, it is required to be much thicker when it comes to packaging. The water-based primer/secondary primer is only used in half of the total

plants of the water-based primer. At present, high solid primer/two-layer primer has the most technical advantages, and varnish is the last position that automobile will be able to overcome some problems that cannot be solved by traditional foaming materials. In the automotive industry, soluble

dosage form coatings are almost universally used. However, there are two German companies, for example,

, who use powder varnish and water-based varnish (water-based powder slurry is its third scheme), and the high cost is not conducive to the promotion and application of

powder varnish, as well as technical problems (pinholes and sagging) also hinder the development of water-based varnish. From the actual supply situation, automotive coatings are divided into new car coatings and repair coatings. In developed countries, the automotive coatings of

countries generally account for 20% of the total production of coatings in that country, while the proportion in China is less than 10%. The production of automotive coatings in China has introduced several production lines on the original basis, which can still meet the needs of the automotive industry in terms of quantity, but there is a gap between China and foreign countries in terms of quality, quantity and variety. Automotive coatings are also mainly imported coatings or products prepared with imported semi-finished products and raw materials

materials. In the next few years, there will be great room for the development of high-yield and multi-functional automotive coatings

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