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Waterproof coating is expected to enter the green list of the fifth batch of government procurement list

waterproof coating is expected to enter the green list of the fifth batch of government procurement list

March 10, 2010

[China paint information] the fifth batch of government procurement list of environmental labeling products (hereinafter referred to as the "list") has been publicized. Surprisingly, the new members of the list are not traditional office supplies, but engineering materials - ready mixed concrete (also known as commercial concrete) and waterproof materials

it is learned from the central joint certification center of the Ministry of environmental protection (hereinafter referred to as the Certification Center) that as of 17:00 on March 17, the number of shortlisted enterprises has increased to more than 900, and the number of product models has reached more than 12000. It is worth noting that the products successfully shortlisted this time belong to the category of engineering materials, including ready mixed concrete, waterproof paint, waterproof coiled materials and rigid waterproof materials

in this regard, Chen Yiqun, the relevant person in charge of the green procurement Promotion Office of the certification center, said that this not only reflects the policy function of government procurement, but also shows the people-oriented concept of public finance. "Pre mixed concrete and waterproof materials widely used in construction projects not only have a huge impact on the environment, but also are closely related to the life and health of users." Chen Yiqun told

it is understood that the concrete industry is a highly polluting and energy consuming industry. Hbcdd was included in the control list at the 6th conference of the parties to the Stockholm Convention held in May 2013. It will not only emit harmful gases, but also have a negative impact on the human settlements. The seven shortlisted enterprises have passed some history and operating procedures on mechanical testing machines. Below, we all know the standard of China's environmental symbol ready mixed concrete, and have undertaken many national key projects, such as the Olympic Games, the WorldExpo, the National Conference Center, the National Museum, the T3 terminal of the capital Airport, CCTV and so on

Chen Yiqun said that if all the concrete produced in China every year can meet the requirements of ready mixed concrete environmental labeling products, the annual savings of cement and industrial waste (fly ash, steel slag, slag) can reach 300 million tons, the savings of standard coal can reach 70 million tons, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions can reach 200 million tons, and the savings of limestone resources can reach 350 million tons

waterproof materials account for a larger share in major national projects, and more importantly, their impact on the environment and human health. "Waterproof materials should be used in all water related projects. 32 toxic and harmful raw materials in ordinary waterproof materials will greatly increase the probability of carcinogenesis, teratogenesis and genetic mutation, and even have risk cases of mass disease." Chen Yiqun explained. It is understood that the drinking water in Beijing comes from the South-to-North Water Transfer Project and related drinking water projects such as canals

however, for this shortlist, these enterprises, while happy, also expressed their doubts: "after all, the government rarely purchases engineering materials at present. If the purchaser's awareness of environmental protection is indifferent and the government lacks supervision, I'm afraid entering the list is only an honor, because the supporting hydrostatic and electronic control components are technically difficult."

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