The hottest waterborne epoxy floor coating has obv

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Water based epoxy floor coating has obvious advantages

water based epoxy floor coating has obvious advantages

November 18, 2005

water based epoxy floor coating, with its obvious performance, function and environmental protection advantages, is more and more valued by experts and recognized by the market in all kinds of water-based floor coatings

epoxy resin coating has the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, high adhesion and excellent chemical resistance, which is widely used in the field of industrial floor coating. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many countries have promulgated environmental protection regulations restricting volatile organic solvents (VOC). The hydration, solventless and high solid differentiation of coatings have become an inevitable trend in the development of coatings. According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, China's industrial floor coatings are basically solvent-based and solvent-free epoxy floor coatings at present. Solvent based epoxy floor coatings cannot be too long or too short. Floor coatings contain more organic solvents, which are discharged into the atmosphere during the production and construction stages of coatings, polluting the environment and endangering human health at the same time; Solvent free epoxy floor coating contains a small amount of active diluent. The commonly used active diluent is butyl epoxy propyl ether (with certain toxicity). The self leveling construction process is adopted, and the film thickness is 1 ~ 5mm. The cost is high and contains a small amount of volatile organic solvents

compared with ordinary solvent based epoxy floor coatings, waterborne epoxy floor coatings have obvious advantages. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said: first, water is used as the dispersion medium, without volatile organic solvents such as toluene and xylene, which will not cause environmental pollution, and there is no hidden danger of fire. It meets the current requirements of environmental protection. Of course, a small amount of alcohol ether solvents without air pollution such as propylene glycol methyl ether can also be added to improve the film formation of waterborne epoxy coatings; Second, it can be constructed and cured in a humid environment, with a reasonable curing time to ensure that the film has a high crosslinking density; Third, it has good adhesion to most substrates, even the wet substrate surface also has good adhesion; Fourth, the operation performance is good, the construction tools can be directly cleaned with water, which can be reused, and the preparation and construction of paint are safe and convenient; Fifth, the cured film has soft gloss, good texture, good corrosion resistance and one-way permeability

with the enhancement of environmental protection regulations and people's awareness of environmental protection, waterborne epoxy floor coatings will be widely used. The research and development of waterborne epoxy industrial floor coatings has great economic and social benefits. Water based epoxy floor coating has the same performance as solvent based epoxy floor coating. The existing water-based epoxy floor coating can be applied to the floor coating of production plants, office buildings, warehouses and laboratories in pharmaceutical, food, hospital, textile, chemical, electronic and other industries, especially for the first floor, basement, underground and its human-computer interaction system, electronic skin Human motion monitoring system and other fields have broad prospects for use in parking lots and other humid environments. As a green environmental protection product, waterborne epoxy floor is bound to be recognized and widely used by people

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