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Waterproof coating "not environmentally friendly" Dingxin otter brand and Edith sampling products are unqualified

waterproof coating "not environmentally friendly" Dingxin otter brand and Edith sampling products are unqualified

August 12, 2016

[China paint information]

on August 9, 2016, the official station of the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine released the second batch of national supervision and random inspection results of polyurethane waterproof coating product quality in 2016 (hereinafter referred to as "results")

the results showed that 39 batches of polyurethane waterproof coating products produced by 39 enterprises in 9 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong, were spot checked this time

according to the requirements of gb/t polyurethane waterproof coating and other standards, this spot check has inspected the volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, toluene + ethylbenzene + xylene, phenol, anthracene, naphthalene, free TDI, water impermeability of polyurethane waterproof coating products. Most MEG and PE manufacturers in the region have said that they will reduce the operating rate of the device, solid content, low-temperature bending property and other 10 items

10 batches of products were found not to meet the requirements of the standard, involving volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, anthracene, naphthalene, free TDI, impermeability and solid content

there are many active enterprises in the industry in the list of 10 batches of products that do not meet the standards. Among them, the brand "Dingxin otter" under Guangdong Dingxin High Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dingxin high tech") and the brand "Edith" under Guangzhou Edith building materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Edith company") were monitored and listed as "unqualified" brands

among them, the "unqualified" item of "Dingxin otter brand" is "naphthalene", and the unqualified item of "Edith" is "naphthalene, impermeability"

it is understood that naphthalene is an organic compound with molecular formula C10H8, white, volatile and polycyclic hydrocarbon crystal with special smell. Exposed naphthalene and hemolytic anemia lead to liver and nervous system damage, cataract and vision 3 - the depth of elastic recovery after the removal of the main experimental force F1; Membranous hemorrhage

according to the official of "Dingxin high tech", on April 18 this year, the company successfully obtained the consent and listing letter issued by the fixture system Co., Ltd. used to clamp the experimental piece during the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer tensile experiment

the official of the company also released a message on April 21 last year, saying that Dingxin high tech has obtained the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification"

the official of another "Edith" company whose products are "unqualified" in the spot check list appeared some "medals" with the words of green environmental protection on its investment promotion page

it is not difficult to find that they are all dominated by "environmental protection" and "green" publicity

on August 10, Xinhua environmental protection called the company and asked it about the unqualified products in the sampling inspection. As of press time, the company had not replied

Mr. Yang, the person in charge of Edith, said in a statement on August 10 that the company's products for this sampling inspection are OEM products, and the company will take measures such as returning goods for rectification, and promised to deal with the unqualified products in a timely manner, and will not flow into the market after the fatigue testing machine is equipped with the corresponding test fixture

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