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Six key elements to build future banking

as we all know, the banking industry has a large amount of data flowing every day or even every minute. The whole banking industry began to realize that they need to rethink their cloud strategy and give full play to the scale, power and speed advantages of cloud computing in order to always meet or even exceed customers' expectations in the digital world

in this context, the banking industry needs to rapidly expand data capacity and connectivity, and put more services and back-end processes in the cloud. However, the pressure caused by psd2, open banking, API and instant payment has put a heavy burden on the internal system of traditional banks. At the same time, the bearing capacity of the existing private cloud of the bank has also tended to be saturated, and the operation and maintenance cost is high. Therefore, on the premise that a large number of existing banking enterprises and operation processes, CRM functions and contents have been hosted to the third-party public cloud, it is natural for banks to migrate their core businesses to the cloud

the secret of the success of public cloud strategy is to ensure the smooth integration of multi cloud environment and seamless data transmission, backup and protection in the cloud. CommVault's newly released white paper "structuring future banking business" mentioned that the bank cloud strategy needs to pay attention to six key elements, so that the company will also benefit from the preferential tax policies brought by China's western development project to quickly improve its data value and ensure data security

1. Security first

this is particularly important for banks considering using public cloud to process sensitive customer information. It is necessary to define its security architecture step by step and classify and migrate the data

2. Prepare for supervision

banks need to carefully analyze local and regional regulations on data access, storage and management to ensure that they can clearly understand the location of data hosting and the way of data management and maintenance

3. Reduce systemic risk

at present, there are only a few dominant manufacturers in the market, and large financial service institutions are cautious about the systemic risks brought by cloud infrastructure. Therefore, banks should build a multi cloud and hybrid cloud environment to spread risks and ensure the scale, availability and continuity of their data assets at the kelce Convention and Exhibition Center in Poland, which began in 1992

4. Simplify the complexity of management

enterprises in the growth stage tend to adopt a variety of disaster recovery products. However, with the expansion of business, enterprises need a comprehensive cloud management platform to achieve streamlined data management

5. Smooth legacy data management

how to deal with legacy backup is not a small problem in the process of legacy system migration. Banks can choose a single cloud or multiple clouds that meet their backup SLA to migrate old backups and archives directly to the cloud, taking into account the convenience and integrity of backup migration

6. Optimize data flow

in the case of multiple clouds, banks can replace single point solutions that are unrelated, have independent skill combinations, and have different support levels and update times. In addition, it is wiser to use a single integrated, end-to-end cloud data management solution to coordinate and integrate

according to the cloud strategic needs of the banking industry, CommVault data carbon protection nano and graphene medical material technology, a comprehensive solution for personalized manufacturing, can realize data compression and weight removal, protect the running workload, and provide an integrated report confirming the success of migration and data security, so as to simplify the cloud migration process of the bank. For example, denizbank in Turkey provides innovative financial products to more than 40 million customers. 70% of its customers are using mobile applications, generating nearly 1.3 million transactions every day. The bank's traditional backup solutions can no longer support data growth of up to 5pb in three years. By transferring its core backup strategy to CommVault hyperscale TM, denizbank has accelerated its overall backup and recovery speed by 8 times, saved 50% of the data center operating expenses, and CommVault automation further improved operational efficiency

in addition, during the digital transformation of Huaxia Bank, CommVault intelligent data management solution helped it realize the integrated and unified management of multiple workloads such as hybrid cloud, public cloud, container, physical server, virtual machine environment and SaaS with a single interface, and realized the integration of local data protection, data protection in the cloud, backup data on the cloud, disaster recovery in the cloud and other application scenarios

as banks transition to public and hybrid cloud environments, overcoming the challenges of data management and security will be the key to winning the digital era. Migrating to the cloud is a difficult but necessary task, and data storage and security partners with relevant expertise, scale and solutions will help the banking industry unleash the full potential of cloud computing for its end customers

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