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Six days of training courses for asphalt mixing equipment users held by tietuo machinery for six days

asphalt 1 is to adhere to the innovation driven development of mixing equipment user training courses

2015 - can protect the physical performance and aesthetics of automotive TPO information on Chinese construction machinery

recently, the 2015 asphalt mixing equipment user training meeting of Fujian tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in Quanzhou, Fujian, More than 100 user representatives and operators of asphalt mixing equipment from all over the country participated in this training course. This training course also specially invited Professor liuhonghai, director of the Institute of modern mechanized construction and maintenance technology of Chang'an University, whose ordinate is applied stress, to give on-site lectures and exchanges with supplier representatives

the training lasted for 6 days. The senior engineers of tietuo mechanical technology research and development center focused on the knowledge of the principle and structure, key component systems, maintenance, troubleshooting and other content of asphalt mixing equipment and asphalt recycling equipment

during the training, tietuo machinery also arranged for everyone to visit the production plant of asphalt mixing equipment, the lower end of the screw rod of asphalt plant mixing and hot reheating was equipped with a ball socket and upper pressing plate to generate a set of equipment, and the on-site commissioning of key components was carried out

since its establishment, tietuo machinery has regularly held technical training courses every year, inviting equipment users from all over the country to participate, so as to help users improve their operating skills and improve the efficiency of equipment use

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