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Six IOT projects in Hangzhou have been listed in the national high-tech industry development plan

recently, the national development and Reform Commission replied to four national next-generation Internet information security special projects and two IOT technology R & D and industrialization projects reported by our province in 2012, which have been listed in the national high-tech industry development project plan and the national fund subsidy plan respectively, and a fund subsidy of 46million yuan has been given

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it is reported that these six projects are all undertaken by high-tech zone (Binjiang) enterprises, including the industrialization project of high-performance and highly reliable next-generation Application Firewall of Hangzhou Dipu Technology Co., Ltd., the industrialization project of Hangzhou Hezhong information Engineering Co., Ltd. Hezhong 10 Gigabit trusted security isolation and information exchange system Hangzhou Anheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. next generation Internet wed defense audit system industrialization project, Zhejiang Yuanwang Electronics Co., Ltd. integrated audit system industrialization project Zhejiang weir technology includes mastertop 1327 ⑵ 0dB polyurethane resin floor system Co., Ltd. the research and development and industrialization project of traffic driver training management intelligent terminal and public service platform based on IOT technology and smart environment of spotlight Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. 3. Regular inspection of components: all pressure control valves, flow control valves, pump regulators and pressure relays, travel switches R & D and industrialization projects of signal device monitoring instruments such as thermal relays and networking platforms

the high-tech industrial development work of the high-tech zone (Binjiang) has always been in the forefront of the city and the province, with a large number of projects with leading technology and good industrialization prospects. The number of national high-tech industrial development projects undertaken by enterprises accounted for two-thirds of the city in 2012 and about one-third of the Province. At present, it has become the most important high-tech industrialization base in the province

the total investment of the six projects approved by the high tech Zone (Binjiang) in 2012 was 218 million yuan. The implementation of these projects will further strengthen the construction of IOT logo management and service system, establish a unified logo management and public service platform of IOT, and realize the application of IOT in environmental protection monitoring, which is of positive significance to meet the development of next-generation interconnection in China

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