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Six key tasks of Sichuan transportation construction this year

six key tasks of Sichuan transportation construction this year

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Guide: yesterday, Sichuan news learned from the Sichuan Department of transportation that the transportation work of the province in 2004 will take over the whole bureau with a new concept of development, focus on the central work of accelerating development, and highlight transportation construction, industry management, system reform, safety work Develop industry through science and education and team building, and strive to improve

Sichuan news yesterday, it was learned from the Sichuan Department of transportation that the transportation work of the province in 2004 will take a new view of development as the overall situation, focus on the central work of accelerating development, highlight the six key points of transportation construction, industry management, system reform, safety work, promoting industry through science and education, and team building, and strive to improve the public service ability and market supervision ability of the transportation department, which can save 7million gallons of oil refining and oil every year, Ensure the comprehensive development of Sichuan transportation in the direction of both quantity and quality, and ensure the rapid, coordinated and healthy development of Sichuan transportation

it is understood that the application method of Sichuan traffic steel bar repeated zigzag testing machine this year will focus on the construction of main roads and rural roads, and include all the key projects involved in entering and leaving the main roads in Sichuan Province into the project arrangement of completion, commencement and acceleration of preliminary work this year. Ensure the construction needs of rural roads and tourist roads in the five scenic spots, and give consideration to the construction of secondary road projects. This year, the Ministry and province preliminarily arranged 466million yuan of rural road investment plan, an increase of 48% over the previous year; The investment in local key construction projects was 480million yuan, an increase of 31% over the previous year, of which 70million yuan was planned for the tourist roads in the five scenic spots, an increase of 80% over the previous year. The construction of Guangba Road, Leyi Road, Yalu Road, Wenma Road, queer mountain tunnel and balang mountain tunnel of the original "Eleventh Five Year Plan" projects will be advanced to the "Tenth Five Year Plan" or strive to start

this year, we will ensure that 13.5 billion yuan will be completed and strive to complete 15 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5% and 7% respectively over the previous year's plan. Among them: 6.8 billion yuan for provincial key roads, 6.6 billion yuan for local roads and rural roads, 1.2 billion yuan for water transportation construction, and 400million yuan for station construction. This year, there are 21 key construction projects, of which the scale of Expressway under construction will reach 975 kilometers. Ensure eight projects, including the third phase of Dayu Road (Dazhu to qiujiahe), Nanguang Road, the eastern section of Nanchong Ring Road, Chengdu Wenjiang Qiongzhou expressway, Chengdu Pengzhou expressway, Erkang Road, Zhegushan tunnel, expressway monitoring and settlement center, among which the advantage of the new expressway is that the printed copy has very high hardness and excellent polished surface performance; The latter has the advantages of high printing accuracy, moderate elongation, 257 kilometers of roads, and 1759 kilometers of highways in the province. The Tenth Five Year Plan for the construction of highways has been overfulfilled one year ahead of schedule, and highways centered in Chengdu directly reach 15 municipal governments. At the same time, we will accelerate the construction of eight projects, including Xipan Road, Duwen Road, Yishui Road, the west section of Nanchong Ring Road, Suiyu Road, Haizhu section, chuanlang Road, Muxin Road, with a total length of 741 kilometers, including 276 kilometers of expressways. A total of 305 kilometers of expressways will be built for the four new projects of Lindian Road, Nanyu Road, Pantian road and Guangba Road, and 137 kilometers of Leshan Yichang expressway will be built. Accelerate the preliminary work of Yalu Road, Datong railway, Wenma Road, queer mountain, balang mountain tunnel and other projects

in the construction of local roads, 4000 kilometers of oil roads and cement roads are newly paved in the province. Implement the construction of 110 class II road projects (including county-level highways) with a length of 3000 kilometers; 1200 kilometers of intercountry highways have been completed, 1500 kilometers have been continued, and 1700 kilometers have been started. At the same time, the Suining Tongnan intercountry highway construction demonstration project determined by the Ministry of communications has been well implemented. This year, the construction scale of Sanzhou Tongxiang highway project is 59 2063 kilometers, including 5 continuation projects and 54 new projects; The construction of 2500 10000 kilometers of inland roads connecting villages was started. The implementation of the "unobstructed project", the annual construction scale of Tongxiang oil road and cement road is 350 3300 kilometers, and the construction scale of tongcun oil road and cement road is 300 1000 kilometers. All three manufacturers will provide some technical service support. Continue to implement the channelization development of Jialing River, accelerate the construction of Jinyintai, Xinzheng, Jinxi, Xiaolongmen and Qingju hubs, and strive to start fengyichang and Shaxi hubs; Continue to build Yibin port caiyuantuo operation area; Strive for the Ministry to start the regulation of the Yangtze River Yibin to Chongqing lanjiatuo waterway as soon as possible; Carry out the preliminary work of Fujiang River resumption project, Tuojiang River waterway regulation, Luzhou container terminal phase II project and other projects. And accelerate the construction of Chengdu's national main hub and eight provincial highway hubs in Mianyang, Guangyuan, Panzhihua, Neijiang, Nanchong, Luzhou, Yibin, Dazhou, etc., and build 21 bus stations above the county level and 220 Township passenger stations

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