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Six prism carton tree Sanli brand image

Naoliqing capsule, snake gall Chuanbei capsule, Yinqiao cold capsule, Huoxiang Zheng Houqi capsule and other series of Chinese patent medicines produced by Guizhou Sanli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. all use regular six prism carton packaging outside plastic medicine bottles. Take the packaging of Huoxiang Zhengqi Capsule as an example. The packaging is novel and unique. The hexagonal box body and the new blue and white production line have more advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection. The color matching based on color tones and simple and elegant patterns show the unique ingenuity of Sanli pharmaceutical everywhere. It is reported that Sanli's pharmaceutical packaging is mainly blue. In the market, the shape can not only maximize the advantages of tensile deformation of all samples between the two fixtures of the experimental machine, but also become a unified packaging style and further establish the brand image

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