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Successful development of capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence micro integrated analyzer

the scientific research equipment development project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence micro integrated analyzer", completed by the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, passed the acceptance of the expert group headed by academician Zhang Yukui in Changchun on December 25. The expert group believes that the instrument has good performance, high sensitivity and strong stability. At present, there is no such instrument at home and abroad

capillary electrophoresis and microfluidic chip analysis methods have been widely used in the field of analytical science because of their high separation efficiency, good biocompatibility, miniaturization, integration and other characteristics, which have increasingly attracted widespread attention at home and abroad. Combine the two organically, complement each other's advantages, and build a convenient, economic and multifunctional biological analysis platform?? Capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence micro integrated analyzer, which further expands its analysis object and application range, is an important cutting-edge direction in the field of international electroanalytical chemistry

Academician Wang Erkang and researcher Xu Guobao of the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences focused on this important international frontier development direction in the bidding for the waterproof use of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials for high-speed rail. With the support of the scientific research equipment project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they began the research and development of "capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence micro integrated analyzer" in February 2007. In research and development, they pay attention to the accumulation and advantages in capillary electrophoresis detection technology and microfluidic chip analysis methods, and innovatively combine the detection technologies such as electrochemiluminescence and electrochemistry with the analysis tools such as capillary electrophoresis and microfluidic chip. On this basis, with the cooperation of Xi'an Ruimai analytical instrument company, the prototype of capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence micro integrated analyzer with China's independent intellectual property rights has been developed, which is an international initiative

at the same time, combined with the research and development of the analytical instrument, they also developed five kinds of electrochemiluminescence probes with biological application prospects, which were applied to biomolecular detection and analysis; A series of new methods for immobilizing electrochemiluminescence probes were established, and related electrochemiluminescence solid-state detectors were developed. These innovative achievements have laid an important foundation for the popularization and application of the developed prototype in scientific research and clinical practice

the instrument is a special system composed of multi-channel data acquisition analyzer, multi-functional chemiluminescence monitor, numerical control electrochemical analysis potentiostat, numerical control capillary/chip electrophoresis high-voltage power supply and other controls; The system successfully constructs a multi window and multi interface analytical chemistry data acquisition and processing platform based on Windows operating system, and realizes the system connection and control of various control components; In the hardware design, the system adopts a distributed microprocessor structure, which integrates multiple general or special processors to manage each control component, so that the system has high flexibility and reliability; Due to the adoption of a more reasonable bus connection mode and the customization of a perfect communication protocol, the whole system has the advantages of simple hardware, convenient expansion, complete functions and easy combination. All components in the system can be used in combination or as a single instrument with corresponding functions. In the software design, the characteristics of multi parameter analysis are fully considered, and a perfect synchronous test function is designed; According to the characteristics of chemical dynamic process testing, the system also carries out "simultaneous functions, such as spectrum processing and dynamic background deduction, which have unique functions, mainly focusing on the highlighted region of the spectrum"; The specially designed sample testing interface can make batch sample testing simple and easy

the successful development of this instrument has enriched the research means of basic science, provided a new multi-functional analysis platform for scientific research in frontier fields such as protein, DNA, cell and immunity, and also provided a strong support for the early diagnosis and treatment of some major diseases. It is another important innovative achievement in the field of Electroanalytical Chemistry 1 and protection and maintenance in China

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