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Development of aluminized paper and performance of transfer film

supply and demand analysis of aluminized paper market and Industrial Development Countermeasures

looking at the market of paper-based aluminized packaging materials in China, it can generally be divided into three stages. In the first stage, the market of aluminized cards (paper) is mainly beer labels. This part of the market has reached the stage of stable growth, and it is estimated that it will continue to grow steadily for several years. The second stage is the beginning of aluminized cards (paper) and a large number of them are used for cigarette packaging and other products (such as boxes, cosmetics, etc.). At present, the aluminum spray paper (card) market is in the rapid growth period in the second stage, and it is expected to peak in the next year. For example, if the cigarettes packed with aluminized paper (cards) according to 50% of the national gold and silver cards (paper), there are at least million cases, and the market scale is billion. The third stage is the stage of rapid growth. It is expected that cigarette lining paper, another important market of aluminized paper, will enter a period of rapid growth within this year, with a market scale of about billion

on the other hand, with the promising prospect of industrial development, the number of manufacturing enterprises joining has increased rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, there are no less than 30 enterprises that have built or are investing in aluminum plating projects. Some enterprises are also quite large-scale and have advanced equipment. Some have more than 20 sets of equipment imported from Germany and Japan with the international advanced level in the 1990s, with an annual production capacity of more than 80million meters and an output value of more than 300million yuan

countermeasures and suggestions for industrial development

1 According to statistics, China has imported more than 300 large-scale laminating machines, which are mainly used to make composite gold and silver cardboard (film), composite plain grating paper (film), composite anti-counterfeiting holographic paper (film); In the transition to transfer type aluminized paper (including transfer type gold and silver paperboard and the influence of rotation eccentricity: the load borne by the end of the card produces uneven stress distribution on the end section, transfer type plain surface grating paper and transfer type anti-counterfeiting holographic paper), the supply source of the transfer film must be solved, and the technical requirements of the transfer film must not be taken lightly

the backing paper should meet the customer's requirements for tensile strength, gram weight, moisture and elongation; Because the physicochemical experiences of both sides of the backing paper are different, it is necessary to study the properties of the backing paper

except that the viscosity of the adhesive layer must be greater than that of the peel layer, its formula and process determine whether the product will produce small crystal points and folding resistance; Adhesives are very important for the firmness of the coating on the transferred carrier, and should be selected according to different transfers. They can be water-soluble, solvent-based, hot-melt, thermosetting, non drying, etc., to meet the requirements of paper, paperboard, plastic; Wood; Fabric, glass, metal, leather and other different materials. Even for paper, due to its performance differences, there should be corresponding changes in the formula. Therefore, when purchasing the transfer film, the corresponding adhesive must be purchased, and it is required that there should be process guidance to ensure the production of qualified transfer paper when connecting the strain gauge to the measuring circuit

the quality of the transfer film determines whether the plastic layer can be stripped clean on the stripping machine, so that the stripping layer has specular luster. It should be stated to the supplier that the stripping layer and transparent layer are required:

(1) the stripping coating must be transparent

(2) the peel coating is easy to separate from the base film, and the strength of its adhesion to the base film can only ensure that the coating will not be damaged in the production process before separation

(3) the peel coating has good adhesion to the aluminum layer

(4) the peel coating has excellent printing performance and machining performance, which is suitable for gravure, relief, offset, flexo, silk printing, embossing, die cutting, and even embossing printing, typesetting printing, and offset printing

(5) the peel coating has anti-oxidation and moisture-proof effects on the surface of aluminum coating

(6) peel coating is easy to apply and dry

each layer shall meet the requirements of high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature; And the requirements of mirror, semi matte and matte have corresponding changes in the formula

when the soft pressing temperature on the molding layer reaches 180 ℃, the plain grating will not rebound after being imprinted, and the reflection information will be well absorbed. In order to increase the folding resistance of the conductor at r20-20 ℃, in order to make the imprinted plain grating free of additional crystal dots and orange peel defects, the formula and process of each layer must be changed accordingly

after printing ink on the above transfer series paper, in order to increase the wear resistance and brightness of the surface, a layer of UV polishing oil must be coated, which brings a disadvantage. Under UV irradiation, the hardness of UV UV polishing oil layer increases rapidly, making the ink layer and even the aluminum coating burst. In order to solve this problem, the supplied transfer film must be improved in coating design and process to prevent the ink layer and even the aluminum coating from bursting

2. Look for qualified ready-made transfer paper for cigarette bags and wine boxes (including transfer gold and silver cardboard, transfer plain grating paper, transfer anti-counterfeiting holographic paper) with reasonable price, high quality (no crystal defects, in the last printing process: UV Polish ink layer, no ink explosion) and the following properties (aluminized paper should meet):

(1) the raw and auxiliary materials used in production are odorless and non-toxic, Meet the requirements of food hygiene (in line with FDA standards). It can be widely used in the exquisite packaging of tobacco, wine, bottle stickers, tea, food, cosmetics, handicrafts and other products, as well as building decoration materials

(2). Good finish, high smoothness, bright color, bright appearance, strong visual impact, which can well improve the product packaging grade

(3). It has excellent barrier property and remarkable moisture-proof and antioxidant effects

(4). Excellent printing performance and machining performance, suitable for intaglio, relief, offset, flexo, silk printing, embossing, die cutting, and even embossing

(5). It has good degradability and recycling, is easy to handle and recycle, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It is an essential packaging material for export products

(6). Both decorative performance and anti-counterfeiting performance must be considered

3. Pay attention to the promotion of domestic mature processes and equipment of direct aluminizing paper and indirect aluminizing (transfer method) with low cost

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