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Guangxi six measures to promote the development of digital publishing industry

the general office of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently issued the "opinions on accelerating the development of digital publishing industry". The opinions puts forward the goal of accelerating the development of Guangxi's digital publishing industry: in about 10 years, through the construction of major industrial projects such as China ASEAN digital publishing base, cultivate a number of leading digital publishing enterprises, build a number of digital publishing brands, and make Guangxi's digital publishing industry an important force in the development of domestic digital publishing industry

the Opinions also puts forward six key tasks. First, accelerating the demand for digital terminals will gradually enhance the construction of publishing industry clusters, and create a digital publishing industry cluster covering the whole region, radiating the whole country and facing ASEAN in Guangxi; Second, encourage and support traditional publishing units to develop digital publishing business and promote the development of cross media, cross industry, cross ownership and cross regional digital publishing business; Third, support non-public enterprises to engage in digital publishing activities, and give key support to non-public enterprises in the UK in the creation and production of digital publishing products such as games, animation, music, and the construction of digital publication dissemination platforms; Fourth, strengthen the digital construction of publishing public service projects, support the development of rural bookstores in the digital direction, and build a public welfare digital publishing and reading platform; Fifth, promote digital publishing to go global, make full use of foreign cooperation and exchange platforms such as China ASEAN publishing Expo and China Book Fair of ASEAN countries, and expand the international influence of Chinese culture; Sixth, speed up the construction of major digital publishing projects, focusing on the construction of digital content resource database, civil digital publishing, digital education publishing, digital network media, reading and other digital publishing fire protection projects. In addition, the Opinions also put forward implementation opinions on fiscal and tax policy support, digital copyright protection, talent training and other aspects

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