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Six suggestions on wine bottle recycling

the safety of alcohol and food is directly related to the health and life safety of the people, and has been widely concerned by the people. In recent years, the liquor market in Xiamen has developed rapidly and the competition is fierce. Some unfair competition behaviors and the production and sale of fake and shoddy liquor are emerging one after another, especially the phenomenon of "real bottled fake liquor" is increasingly rampant, which seriously endangers the interests of liquor merchants and consumers, and also threatens the better performance of iron detection by the masses; The higher the working frequency, the healthier. In order to further regulate the order of the alcohol market in our city, form a market environment with self-discipline, fair competition and standardized management, and enable the people to drink safe wine, we have decided to integrate the Xiamen Branch of MOET Hennessy Diageo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Baolelika (10 points in the field of utilization are widely used in China) but its product characteristics and technical requirements cater to the national industrial policies and the development trend of the utilization of new materials. As pilot enterprises, three alcohol distribution enterprises, i.e. Xiamen Branch of e-commerce Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Branch of Huansheng foreign wine trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., now put forward the following opinions on strengthening the supervision and management of the recycling of empty and used famous wine bottles:

first, establish and improve the recycling mechanism of empty and used famous wine bottles. Alcohol dealers shall formulate corresponding standardized recycling management systems, establish a wine bottle and packaging recycling account, and truly and accurately record the alcohol sales quantity, wine bottle and packaging recycling quantity and other information of each sales terminal

II. Establish and implement an information reporting system. Alcohol dealers shall regularly report to the administrative department for Industry and commerce the recycling account and the time and place of destruction of wine bottles

third, establish a daily supervision and management mechanism. The fair trading office of Xiamen Administration for Industry and commerce is responsible for the supervision and management of the recycling of empty old famous wine bottles, guiding alcohol dealers to make recycling accounts, checking whether the accounts are true and standardized, and supervising the destruction of wine bottles on site. We will severely crack down on illegal acts of purchasing or providing empty and used wine bottles and their packaging for the manufacture of fake and inferior alcohol

IV. establish a warning system. As the administrative supervisor and administrator, the Department of industry and commerce puts forward administrative guidance suggestions to alcohol producers: it is suggested to mark warnings on the labels of wine bottles to remind consumers to destroy the packaging labels and wine bottles of empty wine bottles in time. Please convey our administrative guidance and suggestions to the alcohol brand producers represented by the above pilot enterprises in a timely manner. At the same time, we should give full play to the role of the media in the supervision of public opinion, take various forms and ways, vigorously publicize the harmfulness of fake and inferior alcohol, expand the momentum of cracking down on fake alcohol, and enhance the awareness of business operators to operate in accordance with the law and the awareness of consumers to protect themselves

v. establish and improve the industry self-discipline system. Advocate industry self-discipline for sales terminals, do not sell empty old and famous wine bottles and packaging boxes, do a good job in alcohol purchase and sales accounts, empty old and famous wine bottles and packaging recycling accounts, and create an honest business atmosphere

VI. establish a joint meeting system. Regular or irregular meetings shall be held to timely communicate the standardized practices and conditions of the recycling of empty old and famous wine bottles, and study and solve the existing problems. At the same time, we should strengthen the coordination of cost, output, performance and environmental protection with the Liquor Monopoly Bureau and the liquor trade association? Of course, we should cooperate with other relevant departments to exchange the supervision and management of the alcohol market, strengthen the credit management of alcohol enterprises, and create an environment for consumers to consume at ease and actively

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