Development of the hottest corrugated box Market

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The development of corrugated box Market

with the continuous development of economy, the packaging of products in the retail market is more and more exquisite. Merchants attract the attention of consumers through gorgeous packaging, and the cost of pollution control is high, making full use of expensive shelves and display space. Some well-known brand products have very high requirements for the design of packaging products. They hope that the appearance of products should have high consistency, and can be said to be completely loyal to the brand's own color

there are many reasons for the flexographic printing industry to continuously improve the printing quality, such as the increase of supermarket supply chain, the availability of more affordable high-performance thermoplastic composites from many retailers, which will help to realize the conversion of more metals and plastics, the purchasing power of consumers, and high-quality packaging products produced to meet the market appeal of famous brand products

brand enterprises must improve their product image to ensure that customers can distinguish their products from many similar products, so as to stand out in the fierce competition. Therefore, the phenomenon of increasing market demand for display packaging has been triggered. Display packaging refers to: the attractiveness of product appearance, bright colors and packaging products that can better reflect the packaging content with a certain printing process. The debate about product packaging depends on consumers' tastes, habits and styles, which urge supermarkets to provide more products to the public at lower prices. The market needs new tastes, product types and more attractive product packaging to promote people's consumption

corrugated boxes play a new role in the constantly improving product packaging. Display shelves can enhance people's brand awareness of certain products. Corrugated boxes (types B, e and F) are increasingly used as the outer packaging materials of products, increasing opportunities for increasing brands and market sales

the fierce competition of secondary packaging and reusable packaging products has led to competition among packers. Therefore, the number of corrugated boxes purely used for transportation has been declining. Typical markets for reusable products include fresh fruits, daily necessities, flowers, vegetables and fresh meat

the main growth areas of corrugated boxes are pet food, wine boxes, beverage packaging boxes, mineral water, food services, cosmetics and other industries. In these fields, corrugated boxes are used as a marketing tool to promote the application of white corrugated paper and corrugated paper with the finest grooves

in addition to the role of transportation, corrugated boxes are also used to shape the brand of goods. The market requires packers to provide unique packaging solutions and reduce product costs as much as possible in the whole production chain. In order to win in the fierce competition, packers need to provide indisputable high-quality services, meticulous care, and improved printing quality. In this competitive era, only suppliers who care about customers can win market share

in contrast, brown boxes (Kraft corrugated paper) are regarded as a daily product. The cost of raw materials, the main staff input and the utilization of resources are several important factors to maintain competitiveness in this market. Only the supplier with the lowest cost can win

with the reduction of the quantity of paper used in corrugated boxes and the improvement of the utilization rate of white corrugated paper, new plate making systems are required in the market to better meet the new needs of increasing printing quality. The use of new software in color separation, the demand for digital plates and larger plates, and whether aircraft is the safest means of transportation in the world are several obvious trends in the development of this market

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