The hottest six indoor lighting design issues

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Six interior lighting design problems

many interior lighting designers like to install many embedded lights on the ceiling, but users will find it too hot after installing them, and refitting BB lights will lead to various problems in the measurement process (power-saving lamp ball). Too much embedded light space will be very bright, because there are too many bright spots and glare. The embedded lamp adopts quartz halogen lamp, which is not suitable for long-term exposure to the human body. It is best to use it as key lighting

second, more fluorescent lamps are used

those that do not light up immediately when turned on and wait for a few seconds are usually fluorescent lamps a few years ago. For example, the common lamp tube is a standard fluorescent lamp. This paper product is once again a candidate lamp in places with frequent switches, which is easy to cause wear and tear, and should be avoided

third, their DIY use of track lights is incorrect

general consumers can install cheap track lights by themselves. This kind of lamp can be equipped with light sources as needed, and the track is long and short, which is suitable for different spaces. However, to avoid this kind of light source from directly hitting the human body, the ideal way is to hit the light on the wall, paintings or potted plants, so that the space will appear open

IV. there are no different lights according to the occasion

there is its own light source during the formal negotiation, which can make people concentrate and concentrate on the important matters discussed. At this time, all light sources should be turned on to help calm thinking. When the relationship between the two sides enters the stage of chatting, you can turn off the indirect light source on the ceiling, leaving only a chandelier with concentrated light source. When the light around darkens, people will also involuntarily relax, and the change of light indirectly affects people's mood

v. less or never use indirect light sources

the use of indirect light sources can avoid glare caused by direct light. Therefore, when designing indoor lighting, hidden light sources can be placed around the ceiling, and local lighting can be strengthened when reading or using computers. Indirect lighting is the most comfortable and relaxing light source

I feel tired when I turn on the light very bright. Indirect light sources can be used for leisure activities at home to achieve the purpose of lighting. In the article "how to arrange the main lamp and auxiliary lamp in the living room lighting design is reasonable", the author also specially discusses whether the main lamp should be used in home lighting

VI. outdoor light scenery is not introduced

when designing indoor lighting, we should pay attention to the feeling of light sprinkling, so as to create different natural expressions at home in four seasons. The apartment can be increased in area to bring the outdoor scenery into the room. Starting from the root of daylighting, which is a key problem to be solved urgently in the field of agriculture and environment in China and even the world, the light and shadow expression at home can have different expressions during the day or at night

a reasonable lighting design can talk and make people feel happy and relaxed. On the contrary, rough and unreasonable lighting design not only can not achieve good lighting effect, but also is very detrimental to human health

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