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Six types of machinery are scrapped and renewed, and machines and tools can receive additional subsidies

according to the Jiangsu Provincial measures for scrapping and renewing agricultural machinery (hereinafter referred to as the measures) issued by the Jiangsu provincial government on November 6, in the future, those exceeding the specified service life; After inspection and adjustment, the increase of fuel consumption rate is 20% higher than the factory specified value; After repair and adjustment, agricultural machinery with noise and exhaust emissions still exceeding the specified standards will be scrapped. The introduction of the measures will further accelerate the upgrading of agricultural machinery, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce environmental pollution, ensure safe production, and promote the scientific development of agricultural mechanization

Jiangsu is located in the developed coastal areas, and the cause of agricultural mechanization started early and developed rapidly. In recent years, with the implementation of policies to benefit and strengthen agriculture, such as agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, farmers' enthusiasm to invest in agricultural mechanization has continued to rise, and the number of agricultural machinery in the province has continued to increase. However, with the rapid development of agricultural mechanization, the structure of agricultural machinery equipment has the problems of aging equipment and backward technology. More than 30% of large and medium-sized tractors and more than 50% of small tractors in the province have reached the retirement deadline. There are many factors affecting the retirement and renewal of agricultural machinery, one of which is the lack of policy incentives and guidance. Environmental protection new materials have been valued for a long time, the scrapping of agricultural machinery mainly depends on the personal spontaneous behavior of the owners of machines and tools. Farmers lack the initiative to scrap agricultural machinery due to economic conditions. They often hold the mentality of "don't repair if they can use it, don't replace (parts) if they can repair it, and don't (report) scrap if they can replace it", resulting in the slow scrapping of agricultural machinery, the lagging renewal, and the extended service of a large number of old agricultural machinery. Due to the serious deterioration of the safety, environmental protection and economic performance of machines and tools, many problems such as high energy consumption, poor safety and environmental pollution have also affected the development and technological progress of agricultural machinery industry

in order to optimize the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment and improve the development quality of agricultural mechanization, Jiangsu Province has been actively promoting the construction of agricultural machinery scrapping and renewal system in recent years. Since 2006, the provincial agricultural machinery bureau has embarked on the research topic of updating the composition of agricultural machinery and equipment. The administrative regulations of Jiangsu Province on agricultural machinery revised in 2007 established the basic principles of encouraging the scrapping and renewal of agricultural machinery, and solved the administrative licensing of scrapped agricultural machinery recycling activities in the form of local legislation. In 2008, the provincial agricultural machinery bureau took the policy investigation of agricultural machinery scrapping and updating as one of the five major research topics for in-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development, and selected Changshu, Dafeng, Hanjiang and Yixing counties (cities and districts) to carry out the pilot work of agricultural machinery scrapping and updating, and explored a series of working systems and operating norms. In 2009, led by Huang Xiaoping, deputy to the provincial people's Congress and President of Changfa group, the "suggestions on establishing a scrapping and updating system for agricultural machinery, expanding domestic demand and promoting the development of agricultural mechanization" was listed as a key supervision proposal by the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress

there are 19 articles in the measures, mainly including six contents: first, it clarifies the responsibilities of the government. It is stipulated that the local people's governments at or above the county level should strengthen the leadership of the scrapping and renewal of agricultural machinery, and give economic compensation to farmers and agricultural production and operation organizations for scrapping high-energy agricultural machinery. Second, set the conditions for scrapping agricultural machinery. The measures set six technical conditions for scrapping agricultural machinery from the service life, power reduction value, fuel consumption rate, safety and environmental protection and other indicators of agricultural machinery. Third, it stipulates the system of delaying the scrapping of agricultural machinery. Agricultural machinery that has exceeded the specified service life but is in good technical condition can continue to be used if it meets the conditions after inspection. The agricultural machinery safety supervision organization inspects the delayed scrapped machines and tools twice a year. The severe test of each inspection is like scouring the sand in a big wave. The inspection is valid for 6 months. If the inspection is unqualified, it can be reinspected once. Fourth, it stipulates the advance notice system for scrapped agricultural machinery. If the agricultural machinery subject to registration and record management meets the conditions for scrapping, the agricultural machinery safety supervision institution shall notify the owner of the agricultural machinery to go through the scrapping procedures within 30 days. Fifth, it stipulates scrapped agricultural machinery recycling enterprises. 7. Frequency range: 0.01 5Hz; Management system of business activities. Scrapped agricultural machinery recycling enterprises that encourage foreign-invested enterprises to enter the manufacturing industry should be approved by the Agricultural Machinery Management Department of the city under the jurisdiction of the province, and receive the unified "certification of scrapped agricultural machinery recycling business activities" of the province. The dismantling and scrapping of agricultural machinery shall be carried out under the supervision of the agricultural machinery safety supervision organization, and the "five assemblies" of engine, frame, gearbox, front axle and rear axle shall be destructively disposed in time. Other spare parts with utilization value can be used as maintenance spare parts after professional technicians have reviewed and prepared the case, but the words "reusable parts" must be marked, and a standing book shall be established. Sixth, it stipulates the incentive policies for scrapping and updating agricultural machinery. The administrative department of agricultural machinery is responsible for formulating the renewal plan of agricultural machinery and organizing its implementation. Owners of scrapped agricultural machinery who purchase agricultural machinery listed in the renewal plan and subsidy catalogue will be given additional subsidies from the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery

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