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The principle and application of temperature and humidity recorder in textile workshop

temperature and humidity measurement in textile workshop is very important, and temperature and humidity measurement is a newly developed field of modern measurement, especially humidity measurement. Through the process of electrical measurement from length method, dry and wet method to today, the humidity measurement technology is becoming more and more mature. Today, because we no longer meet the measurement of temperature and humidity by measuring devices, especially the monitoring of some places, we directly require to record the changes of temperature and humidity in the whole process in real time, and determine the safety of storage and transportation process according to these changes, which leads to the birth of a new temperature and humidity measuring instrument - temperature and humidity recorder

the temperature and humidity recorder is an instrument that measures the temperature and humidity parameters and stores them in the internal memory according to the predetermined time interval, connects them to the PC after completing the recording function, and uses the adaptation software to put forward the stored data and analyze it according to its value and time. Using this instrument, it can be determined that there is no event endangering product safety in the storage and transportation process, experimental process and other related processes

next, taking the zdr-20 temperature and humidity recorder produced by the electrical equipment factory of Zhejiang University as an example, the principle and application of the temperature and humidity recorder are introduced:


temperature and humidity recorder is composed of three parts: Measurement part, instrument body and PC interface

the following three parts are introduced respectively:

measurement part: temperature sensor and humidity sensor

temperature sensor: zdr-20 series temperature probe is composed of NTC and PT1000 series. Different probes complete different functions:

ntc general probe: it is used for general measurement, including plant, laboratory, container space and other space measurements. Its accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃, and the size is 5mm in diameter and 25mm in length

pt temperature sensor high temperature probe, up to 300 ℃. For high temperature environment

As a high-precision probe of shareholder degree sensor, the highest accuracy of Pt type temperature sensor can reach ± 0.2 ℃, which is used in laboratories and other occasions requiring high accuracy. Size: 3mm in diameter and 30mm in length

(the above temperature probes can be combined according to user requirements to complete different functions.)

humidity sensor: zdr-20 series humidity probe adopts Honeywell humidity sensor imported from the United States, with an accuracy of ± 3%, even ± 2%, and a measurement range of 0 ~ 100% RH. The size is: straight, which is beneficial for users to master the skills of using the instrument in time. The diameter is 7 ~ 13mm, and the length is 17mm

(all the above temperature and humidity probes can be built-in or external for customers with different needs)

instrument body: zdr-20 recorder, which measures through the probe, stores and transmits the data to PC. its storage capacity is 9890 groups of data (9890 points of temperature and humidity respectively), and the recording interval is continuously adjustable from 2s to 24h: it is adjusted by PC software, and the recording time can be determined according to its set value for up to more than 26 years. The working temperature of the recorder is limited by the battery, that is, lithium battery: -20 to 100 ℃; Alkaline battery: -10 to 50 ℃. Range and accuracy are determined by the probe. Range: up to -40 to 300 ℃, 0 to 100% RH; Accuracy: ± 2% RH ~ ± 3% RH, ± 0.2 ℃ ~ ± 0.5 ℃; Protection: closed and waterproof. Instrument size: 58mm*72mm*29mm

pc interface: ZDR software. Software support is an indispensable part of the recorder. Its main functions are: setting the recording interval (2S ~ 24h can be adjusted arbitrarily), setting the stop mode, setting the start time, reading data and displaying measurement data, historical curve, etc., providing printing function, converting data into Excel or word document form, etc., which is an integral part of the data recorder. A good host computer software can provide the widest support for the recorder. Through the support of the host computer, the fundamental reason for choosing long fiber composite materials over other types of reinforced plastics is that unnecessary parts such as keyboards are liberated, and more resources are provided for utilization

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