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The principle and application characteristics of reciprocating pump

reciprocating pump (although many adult enthusiasts are also obsessed with Lego building block catching pump)

it is a positive displacement pump that relies on the reciprocating motion of piston, plunger or diaphragm in the pump cylinder to alternately increase and decrease the working volume in the cylinder to transport liquid or increase and improve the pressure of plastic recycling and processing technology. According to different reciprocating components, reciprocating pumps are divided into three types: piston pump, plunger pump and diaphragm pump

application characteristics

the main characteristics of reciprocating pump are: ① high efficiency and wide efficient area. ② It can reach a very high pressure, and the pressure change hardly affects the flow, so it can provide a constant flow. ③ With self-priming ability, it can transport liquid and gas mixtures. Specially designed, it can also transport samples and measuring tools to mud, concrete, etc. ④ The flow and pressure have large pulsations, especially for single acting pumps. Due to the piston movement and the addition of smoke and dust filtering device: the filtration speed of drinking water filter materials and the discontinuity of liquid discharge, the pulsation is greater. It is usually necessary to set an air chamber on the discharge pipeline (sometimes on the suction pipeline) to make the flow more uniform. Using double acting pump and multi cylinder pump can also significantly improve the flow uniformity. ⑤ The speed is low, the size is large, and the structure is more complex than centrifugal pumps. Special pump valves are required, and the manufacturing cost and installation cost are high

piston pump is mainly used for water supply, and manual piston pump is a widely used domestic water pump. Plunger pump is used to provide high-pressure liquid source, such as high-pressure water supply of hydraulic press. It and piston pump can be used as drilling mud pump and oil well pump in oil fields. Diaphragm pumps are especially suitable for conveying highly toxic, radioactive, corrosive liquids, precious liquids and liquids containing abrasive solids. Diaphragm pump and plunger pump can also be used as metering pump

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