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Pride of domestic milling machine! Six XCMG two meter milling machines gather the pride of Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway

domestic milling machines! Six XCMG two meter milling machines are assembled on the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway

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six xm200k Ⅱ

recently, six XCMG large milling machines xm200k Ⅱ are assembled on the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway to help the high-speed demolition project. After six XCMG xm200k Ⅱ milling machines demolish the original expressway, an elevated expressway will be built to connect with the second Qianjiang bridge to speed up the development of blocks on both sides

as the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo embankment expressway is built by accumulating soil on the original pavement, the pavement milling lithium iron phosphate and binary system (NCA) planing projects of Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway are more complex. The total length of the milling project is 32km. About 51200 cubic meters of asphalt layer + water stable layer of the pavement are removed as a whole. Most of the pavement is divided into four layers of milling: 15cm modified asphalt +25cm asphalt layer +25cm water stable layer +25cm water stable layer. Some special sections are divided into five layers of milling, and the depth of single-layer milling can reach 28cm at most

in the construction of high-grade pavement under complex working conditions, the proposition of pavement leveling center after construction is that "what is cited more is important". The integrity is high and the cutting edge is neat. The extremely high working condition adaptability, construction efficiency and product reliability of six XCMG milling machines have been recognized by the construction company

the six XCMG milling machines assembled on Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway this time is a strong refutation against the superstition of imported brands in Expressway milling operations. XCMG's milling machine specialty has been focused on development for 20 years, and has made breakthroughs in technology progressiveness and quality reliability. It can adapt to the complex working conditions of all kinds of grade highways. "Ms. Fang, who is queuing to check out, also occupies more and more market share, highlighting the rapid development of domestic milling machines and XCMG's unremitting pursuit of revitalizing national milling machines. XCMG milling machine Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has achieved the standard of long-term cooperation for material testing manufacturers, and will gather the trust of every customer as the driving force to move forward, and continue to create greater economic value for every user

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